Remote Work & Status Reporting

This product empowers an organization to centrally monitor civil works using a software system with mobile phones to capture field information from various locations and the status of the work with

  • ›GPS stamped photographs
  • Work status report
  • Audio recordings
  • Comments or notes Signature of the field officer
  • Photo of the field officer
  • Video recordings

Used by Construction companies & municipalities

MPLADS & SCHEMES – Reporting Platform

  • ›Enables District Administration to centrally report civil works in the district for various schemes such as MPLADS, CDP, SDF, Sand Mining etc
  • ›The works in the schemes are assigned to executing agencies who have to report the status of work with Geo-stamped photos
  • The payments are released based on the reports and logged
  • ›The inspections conducted are also documented with geo-stamped photos

Used by District Administrations

Mobiles in Election Management

Election Management using Mobile Technologies to capture and report the real-time status of election process such as

  • Field visit reporting
  • Polling station preparedness
  • Voting patterns and percentages
  • And many other reports with Geostamped Photographs, videos, audios, signatures etc
  • MEM was successfully deployed in both General and Assembly Elections

Health Records & Reporting

Mobile / tablet based MIS system to report

  • Patient records
  • Delivery and beneficiary data
  • Disease reports
  • Drug requirements

Used by Health Department

Modal Code of Conduct (Elections)

Mobile app for a citizen to report Modal Code Conduct violations

This app is adopted by the Election Commission of India and was done pro bono in national interest